”It has been 5 years since he died – Batman. Since the joker caught him saving someone and then just shooting – no joke, no laugh just boom. Right in the eye. Even joker looked shocked, he had started shaking and saying it was a twitch… Doesn’t really matter anymore. He is gone. I took the mantle for a time, lost too many along the way. Jason had already fallen twice when this happened, and Tim went mad at the hands of Scarecrow 2 years ago. He’s in Arkham now, poor soul. Batgirl and the Butler – I can’t tell you his name, sorry kiddo, died when I lost my legs. Was Bane who had injected Killer Croc with Titan Formulae… Bane himself was using the stuff, although he seemed to remain in control. The raw power of those two caught us completely by surprise. Croc ate my right leg from the knee down nearly tore the other off at the hip – ain’t ever gonna use either again. Poor Batgirl. Bane snapped her like a twig and threw her for Croc for dinner. Though that distraction let me survive, and eventually win.
As you know I am now Nightbat, a nice combination of my former super hero names, but my problem is my legs. I can man the batwing – heavily modified for my own style of business, and I have a few high tech gadgets from Batman and his resources – also a few of my own. But I am not worth much on the ground – in buildings and underground and so on. This is where you come in. I can’t grant you sanction from the police – Batman and his whole operation hasn’t been too popular since the commisioners daughter turned out to be batgirl and dead on the same night. Gordon wants a new batman, but he knows the real one is dead. So you will have to prove you’re as good. And that will take time. I simply won’t give you the gadgets of my own crime fighting, nor can I help you openly where people might see. But I will train you, answer your questions and help you stay off the grid in your other identity. You may be vigilantes, but that is how he started as well. Gotham has turned the page to a new era. You are the Black Chapter.”

Black Chapter

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