Ben Nowaski



Intelligence 1
Wits 3
Resolve 2

Strength 3
Dexterity 5
Stamina 1

Precense 2
Manipulation 1
Composure 4

Computer 1
Investigation 4
Politics 1
Athletics 1
Brawl 1
Drive 3
Firearms 5
Stealth 4
Empathy 1
Intimidation 2
Streetwise 1

Perfect stillness 1
Quickdraw 1
Combat marksmanship 5
-Shoot first: +Firearms ini
-Doubletap: May make shotburst
-Bayonet Range: Ignore defense
-Tactical reload as reflexive action
-Rapid fire: 1 additional attack from each dot incomposure over 2. For each extra attack gets additional -1

Size: 5
Speed: 13
Defense: 3
Armor: 1/0 B/L
Initiative Mod: 9

Health: 6
Willpower: 6
Morality: 7

Baseball cannon 9/10, dice mod: 4B, range: 30/60/120, clip: 10, size: 3, 5 rør


The police force in Gotham have had some trouble with corruption – especially after Batman’s death. Nowa got in a situation where he discovered one of these corrupt police men and he turned him in. However nothing happened to the corrupt cop. Instead Nowa started to feel he was followed and that his boss and colleages took distance to him. For years he had been cop of the month and was supposed to get a promotion any second. That dream got ruined the day he showed his true colors. Nowa is frustrated with his situation so he tries to fit in since success is what makes his world go round. However he is also a man of justice and he was a supporter of Batman. When he died Nowa has since then tried to keep the symbol Batman stood for alive. In cases where he could not act as a police man he has taken action in a primitive disguise and with his baseball cannon on the bag.

Ben Nowaski

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